Our tailored HR consulting services are aimed primarily at small to medium-sized business owners or managers who are looking for help in implementing or improving HR processes. We firmly believe that the HR approach should be simple and straightforward, with no mystery and no jargon. If you need advice, we will undertake a fair and truthful appraisal of your business and present recommendations based on your goals, not ours.

WINC consultancy offers accessible and cost-effective HR support and services. We can help to revive a lacklustre recruitment process, develop a more engaging employer brand, implement robust systems, spruce up your induction day or streamline your organisational design. You can bolster your company vision and values, build effective people management programmes, implement legislative changes, create audit trails, improve performance and boost workplace relations with instant, gratifying results.

Our consultants undertake regular, independent research to ensure we have the very latest information to hand relating to remuneration, legislation and trending employment issues across various industry sectors.

Diagnostic of organisational development needs

WINC use a wide range of online assessment tools to identify development needs of individuals, teams and organisations. These include personality profiling, 360-degree feedback, team profiling and a wide range of ability and skills testing. We successfully design, develop and deliver Development Centres to identify strengths and development needs of the individual leaders. Outputs from this can then be used to agree on the next steps (including the creation of personal development plans).

Organisational development programmes

The outputs of the diagnostic phase and/or the business needs drives what the interventions could be.  This could include a blend of activities including face to face workshops, 1:1 support, webinars, group coaching etc., (including pre and post work).