we shine at

our tailored HR consulting services are aimed primarily at small to medium-sized business owners or managers who are looking for help in improving HR processes


we bring a mix of insight, previous experience and humour to any organisation we visit, and our in-house workshops are designed to ignite mindset changes within a HR team

hr operations delivery

we help you create a balanced workplace where people make the best of both themselves and their teams, driving your organisation progress sustainably with effective HR system

performance strategy

our consultants never follow the ‘one size fits all’ approach – our recommendations take account your corporate vision and values and, of course, HR best practice

automotive alliance

we do and can pull upon what may have worked well for other clients which helps keep costs down. Our approach is pragmatic and collaborative.

digital learning

we can make learning more engaging and allow trainers to be more creative with visual effects, as well as allowing for subtitles for multilingual workforces

Like many other people, we found ourselves constantly lamenting about HR and its lack of impact, so we thought it was high time to do something about it

We'd love to help in find the perfect solution

we keep an Eye on innovation

Putting in place robust HR systems provides an audit trail that demonstrates you have fulfilled your obligations as an employer under relevant legislation, thereby protecting your business from employment tribunal claims. Improving people practices results in better workplace relations and engenders long-term thinking and loyalty. WINC HR consultants are abreast of the latest developments in employment laws and can fast track the practical application of legislative changes.

we help you get the people right

Prudent workforce budgeting helps to present credible, accurate figures to stakeholders – particularly in view of public office approval processes. It can identify and eliminate inaccuracies where significant people expenditure has not been correctly stated or included. It is also crucial in fostering confidence in leadership due to a robust workforce presentation, with well-researched information and cross referencing that plugs any planning gaps and addresses cost oversights before proposal submission.


we show Talent is everything

We are looking forward to announcing our alliance with the leading Talent Assessment partner in the industry.  Validated, structured interviews and assessments provide a scientific methodology to improve an organisational culture one employee at a time. People are most effective when they can draw upon their strengths to do work they enjoy. We can help you identify those talents so that you can more effectively manage your workforce.

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