development programmes

we focus upon successfully developing managers and leaders in industries such as hospitality, automotive and creative

Our expertise is in total learning solutions, which range from strategic learning consultancy to managed learning services, curriculum design, training delivery, digital and competency management through various commercial models. We are also specialists in apprenticeships and pre-employment programmes. Our training and development services include:

psychometric behavioural analyses

WINC HR uses the most comprehensive assessment tools in the market today to reveal insights into how members of staff, management and leadership are likely to respond in certain situations. DISC provides the ability to measure behaviors of the individual or the entire team.

individual and team development need evaluations

WINC Consultants use a wide range of online assessment tools to identify development needs of individuals, teams and organisations. These include personality profiling, 360-degree feedback, team profiling and a wide range of besoke ability and skills testing. We successfully design, develop and deliver Development Centres to identify strengths and development needs of the individual leaders. Results from these tools and sessions can then be used to agree on the next steps, which often includes the creation of personal development plans.

customised learning programme design and delivery

At WINC we pride ourselves on making sure we deliver the best solution that we can to help achieve the results you want. Sometimes that will mean a combination of our existing programmes, while at other times that means starting from scratch, with a blank canvas. Entirely new solutions and interventions that we design with you.

We also partner with a select group 0f amazing subject matter experts: people we value enourmously and who really know their stuff, whether its about employment law, HR processes, Equalities and Diversity or Occupational Psychology. We love designing and creating learning events for specific outcomes.

inspirational in-house Workshops

We bring a mix of insight, previous experience and humour to any organisation we visit, and our in-house workshops are designed to ignite valuable mindset changes within a HR team. Working with well-known academic institutions and business speakers, we have run sessions for business leaders on topics such as ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers‘.

These sessions can be ‘by invitation only’ depending on topic and target level. We like to be prepared and we know from talking to our clients that, whatever their profession, others do too. Our one-to-one and group training sessions ensure that each new staff member, whether a sous chef, a village steward or a VP of operations, know all they need to know to get them started in their new position. As well as giving an overview of a new employer, we also cover, where appropriate, local labour laws, cultural norms and travel advice. Our educational  workshops and events perfectly complements organisationa induction days, assuring that recruits arrive feeling confident and that much closer to full productivity.

WINC HR consultants are IMI accredited management assessors – click here to find out more.

Our consultants are a diverse range of individuals that bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and invaluable insight drawn from very successful global careers

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