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get your managers engaged in change

Company leaders and HR departments are able to create a management engagement dynamic by reducing busywork, loosening formal guidelines, communicating with managers on a regular basis and looking for genuine engagement and honest opinions instead of rubber-stamp endorsements.

what is agile hr?

In today’s rapidly changing workplace, HR professionals are exploring the prospect of using the Agile Methodologies to the people management processes. Since its inception in the early noughties the agile software movement has emerged as probably the most widely used approaches, with 90% of software companies claiming to adhere to the agile methodology. The success … Continue reading what is agile hr?

ways to show your employees they matter

When the economy is down, nurturing employees goes to the back burner in many companies. As a result employee morale and engagement begin to slide. When the pendulum swings and the economy strengthens, as it always will eventually, responsive leadership shift energies towards driving competitive edge innovations and operational volume initiatives, thus dimming the spotlight … Continue reading ways to show your employees they matter

employer brand potboilers

In 2016, I’ve decided to make it my mission to prove that crafting an effective employment brand is really not that hard to do. Recently, there’s been so much talk about the need to have an attractive and engaging Employer Brand that every Recruiter, Hiring Manager and HR professional feel the weight of business responsibility to … Continue reading employer brand potboilers