E-learning is possibly the most powerful, and most underused, training tool available to today’s employers and HR professionals. In an increasingly digital world, younger recruits will often not only expect digitalised training during their corporate education, but also prefer it.

At WINC we believe that e-learning has a significant part to play in the modern workforce. It is becoming more sophisticated and more interactive every day. Digitalising training can also make learning more engaging or humorous and allow trainers to be more creative with visual and branding effects, as well as allowing for subtitles for multilingual workforces.

We have teamed up with a well-known London-based digital media studio and online learning provider, giving us a rounded approach and the ability to recommend where you should and shouldn’t apply e-learning. We can analyse how it can be complementary to your existing training operations and ensure seamless integration. 

Using the latest technologies and proven learning methods, we help you through the digital transformation process with engaging learning experiences that influence, embed and sustain positive behaviour change in organisations.


Training videos are hugely beneficial for businesses. Whether you’re making sure your staff are fully versed in plant health & safety or you’re training customers how to install the products you fabricate, video is hugely effective tool to educate and demystify something that might be confusing to understand from words and the odd diagram and removes the need to spend time on phone talking people through something blindly. From a relatively small investment you could quickly see growth to your business with less snagging issues.

Effective learning is never one dimensional nor one size fits all. While our learning programs can be created to address your specific situation, so can the way in which you bring the programs to life. Customised videos that are created just for your context, providing participants with highly relevant examples, challenges & reinforcement.

we've teamed up with award-winning digital media studio and online learning specialists, giving us a truly best-in-class approach

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