Workforce planning is a core modelling process of human resource management. It is shaped by the organisational strategy and ensures the right number of people, with the right skills, are in the right place at the right time to deliver short and long-term organisational objectives. Workforce planners must be particularly agile in the context of a multisport event or fixed-term project such as a world expo. Local considerations, including geographical location and workforce skills within the host city, must also be taken into account.

The top 5 benefits of workforce planning expertise to your bid team are:

  1. supports effective budgeting processes
  2. supports the operational strategic planning process
  3. acts as a mechanism for identifying critical roles and start dates
  4. identifies the market shortage of qualified talent to fill critical roles
  5. identifies specialised function skills gaps in the local labour market

local talent and high-volume staff mobilisation

Our specialists are ready to work closely with your teams to fill immediate requirements effectively and anticipate future personnel needs accurately. We work tirelessly to understand and fully tap the local talent pool of a Host City and provide a meaningful legacy component to your HR strategy. However, when local talent needs to be augmented, our relationships with global sourcing partners allow us to access a truly international talent pool and get the talent to you fast when it counts.

Talent retention

With first-hand experience of what can happen to an event when the talent jumps ship, we are acutely aware of the importance of keeping people on board. We’ll help you not just to sell the vision and fill desks, but undertake critical phased planning to keep the individuals in a fixed-term organisation genuinely engaged, committed and fulfilled. Having this expertise on board at the bid stage is an attractive proposition for reviewing committees.

Cultural sensitivity

Our content and engagement teams undertake thorough reviews to identify which skills translate across national borders in multinational organisations and global events. We help an organisation anticipate and navigate cultural challenges and assess any language limitations and translation needs. Our teams apply the WINC value of pragmatism when developing engagement delivery methods that are sensitive to different cultures while helping organisations to exercise their flexibility.

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