WINC global staffing consultants don’t just provide an exceptional talent acquisition service, drawing on extensive international experience, but also make sure you have the right support from budgeting to winding down projects. We can help with role planning, administration and contracts, training, government liaison, deployment (including legal documents, health certificates and travel documents), contract management and wrap-up. We work with hotel and resort chains, cruise ships, major events such as expos, and continental / international sporting events.


High volume manpower is a niche area of HR that can be a bureaucratic swamp and a cultural minefield to the inexperienced. Our tactics and techniques have been shaped by our people and their knowledge of key labour markets and will save you time and expense. In line with the WINC value of commitment, our relationships, both with clients and candidates, are lasting and consistent with our standards of excellence. WINC global staffing consultants have worked with organising committees of Olympic Games, European Games and PanAm Games, leading hotel chains and top tier cruise brands and we are familiar with accelerating workforces.


We follow strict protocols and procedures, allowing our specialists to bore down to only the best qualified candidates. Recommendations are presented in writing with backup information including resumes, letters of reference and photographs, in addition to our interview notes and observations.


When we say WINC global staffing is a recruitment office for service personnel worldwide, we don’t just mean that we represent international clients, but we also recruit in countries that make sense for each client’s particular requirements. Our consultants have excellent relationships with preferred global sourcing partners from Singapore to Korea, and from Germany to the USA, so that we can ensure the perfect blend of expertise, language skills and diversity in your workforce.


Working with well-known academic institutions and business speakers, we have run sessions for business leaders on topics such as ‘Being a Resilient Leader’. These sessions can be ‘By invite’ only depending on topic and target level. We like to be prepared and we know from talking to our clients that, whatever their profession, others do too. Our one-to-one and group training sessions ensure that each new staff member, whether a sous chef, a village steward or a VP of operations, knows all they need to know to get them started in their new position. As well as giving an overview of a new employer, we also cover, where appropriate, local labour laws, cultural norms and travel advice. This service perfectly complements client-side induction days, assuring that WINC global staffing recruits arrive feeling confident and secure.

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