We understand that the real work begins when the bid is won. In the case of a fixed-term event, your teams have one chance to get it right.
There is no opportunity to learn from mistakes and make improvements for the next time. At WINC, we follow three proven principles:

Get the requirements right

All too often, miscalculations can be made at the very beginning of the staffing process, especially when dealing with high volume contracts or major events, which can have a domino effect all the way to your event clients.

Get the people right

We understand that getting the right talent in place is critical to both smooth operations and business development.

Get the culture right

Once you have the talent in place, we help you create a balanced workplace where people make the best of both themselves and their teams, driving your organisation forward organically.

In addition to the workforce scoping and planning services we offer bid teams, we can also offer additional support services to organising committees, including but not limited to:

  • building a draft compensation and benefits framework
  • RPO (recruitment processing outsourcing) options
  • HR operations and technology consulting
  • volunteer workforce scoping
  • secondee and contractor workforce analysis
  • design of employment marketing brand (EVP)
  • career site design and development
  • innovative legacy learning programmes
  • staffing supply chain consulting
  • outplacement services solutions
  • induction training and onboarding programmes
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