We listen

Our first and foremost promise is to listen. Our work begins by understanding the complete picture and getting our feet on the ground to see local challenges first hand. We then combine the first-hand experience with strategic forward thinking to provide accurate estimating and efficient contingency resource planning the bid.

People power

We believe that any organisation is driven by its people. We can help you have the right strategies in place at the proposal phase, giving you a valuable edge over the competition. WINC global staffing experience allows you to demonstrate that, from the roots of the organisation up, you can bring people to the table who represent the Host City’s values and understand its vision, in a natural alignment of goals.

Host city liaisons

WINC host city liaisons have multisport Games experience under their belts. With support from our core team, we make sure you have the right expertise available, from budget all the way to winding down your project. We can help with role planning, organisational charts, administration and contracts, project management, government liaison, deployment (including legal documents, health certificates and travel documents) and contract management. All that and an exceptional talent acquisition service.



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