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eliminate ratings : keep bonuses

Great news! At long last, the argument against annual performance reviews appears to be winning. Organisations that have already moved to ratings-free performance evaluations are showing no signs of turning back, and the number of businesses following these trailblazers are swelling fast. However, there still lurks one sticky dilemma that HR professionals are wrestling with… How to eliminate ratings but keep individual performance bonuses.

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5 future-proof hr solutions

The human resources industry has been reflecting on the best way to impact todays’ challenges concerning corporate culture and workforce performance in the workplace. As an outcome of this ever-increasing focus, substantial shifts are expected in the ways in which technology can be utilised to identify, engage, connect people and the appropriate measures to be considered thereafter.

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employee engagement

r.i.p annual engagement surveys

If I ran a company which made its revenue from promoting yearly surveys, I would be seriously thinking about Blockbuster and the lessons that could be learned by ignoring disruption. Surely, companies selling annual satisfaction/engagement surveys can not keep expecting significant chunks of ever-tightening HR budgets, armed only with promises of design validation and top quartile benchmarking…can they?

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human resources

empathy: the most valuable attribute

Learning empathy can help you recognise your own strengths, weaknesses, and feelings. Your emotions influence the people around you, so it’s often necessary to self-regulate your internal feelings. If you show drive, achievement, loyalty, optimism and empathy, others cannot help but notice your leadership skills.

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employee engagement

vive la engagement revolution

A quiet revolution is taking place within businesses, and HR must react. Over the last few years there has been a revolution in the workplace, one that has seen employees rise up and take power from business leadership. Yet it has been a subtle revolution, and one that most businesses are yet to come to terms with.

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insights into remote workforces

Whatever industry you’re in, it’s likely that you have globalisation initiatives on your radar. Many business leaders get overwhelmed by the number of hours they have to put in because budget restrictions limit hiring ability, can’t find the right people, or are just unable to delegate. However, loosening the reigns and assigning tasks to the people who are most suited to carrying them out is vital – especially if your business is in a growth phase and your employees are spread out over multiple geographic locations.

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