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get your managers engaged in change

Company leaders and HR departments are able to create a management engagement dynamic by reducing busywork, loosening formal guidelines, communicating with managers on a regular basis and looking for genuine engagement and honest opinions instead of rubber-stamp endorsements.

GDPR will change the way you manage

If you haven’t started to think about how your people management processes will be impacted by this change of regulations, now is probably time to give it your attention.

what is agile hr?

In today’s rapidly changing workplace, HR professionals are exploring the prospect of using the Agile Methodologies to the people management processes. Since its inception in the early noughties the agile software movement has emerged as probably the most widely used approaches, with 90% of software companies claiming to adhere to the agile methodology. The success … Continue reading what is agile hr?

Manuel Parga

Manuel holds the post of Treasurer for the Spanish Olympic Committee and was the Chief Financial Officer for the Madrid 2020 Bid Committee. He holds a law degree and international MBA and is also CFO and Business Development Director of Smart Social City. With 18 years’ experience at Banco Santander in financing and risk management … Continue reading Manuel Parga

Beyond the Winning Bid

We understand that the real work begins when the bid is won. In the case of a fixed-term event, your teams have one chance to get it right. There is no opportunity to learn from mistakes and make improvements for the next time.

Budget Forecasting

Bringing in the right expertise to work with financial planners can help to plan comprehensively and ensure the financial forecasting captures accurate costings and all likely workforce outlay.

Event Staffing Management

Our tailored HR services provide accessible and cost-effective support to companies that do not require a dedicated consultant but do have a need for occasional expertise.