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LIengagement The engagement revolution: Is HR ready?

A quiet revolution is taking place within businesses, and HR must react. Over the last few years there has been a revolution in the workplace, one that has seen employees rise up and take power from business leadership. Yet it has been a subtle revolution, and one that most businesses are yet to come to terms with.…

iStock_000015898896Small Beyond the Winning Bid

We understand that the real work begins when the bid is won. In the case of a fixed-term event, your teams have one chance to get it right. There is no opportunity to learn from mistakes and make improvements for the next time.

LI_consulting15 Performance Management

A performance management review can help your organisation to tap into and maximise all the varied skills contained in your workforce.

LI_workforce1 Workforce Planning

Workforce planning tackles the challenges of recruiting a paid workforce that must be incentivised and retained over a relatively short period, as well as factoring in the drafting of large numbers of unpaid volunteers towards the end of the project, who must be mobilised and rewarded.