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LIengagement The engagement revolution: Is HR ready?

A quiet revolution is taking place within businesses, and HR must react. Over the last few years there has been a revolution in the workplace, one that has seen employees rise up and take power from business leadership. Yet it has been a subtle revolution, and one that most businesses are yet to come to terms with.…

FB_digital Digitalised Leadership

Digitalising training makes learning more engaging and allow facilitators to be more creative with visual and branding effects, as well as allowing for subtitles for multilingual workforces.

iStock_000015898896Small Beyond the Winning Bid

We understand that the real work begins when the bid is won. In the case of a fixed-term event, your teams have one chance to get it right. There is no opportunity to learn from mistakes and make improvements for the next time.

German payroll with euro banknotes Budget Forecasting

Bringing in the right expertise to work with financial planners can help to plan comprehensively and ensure the financial forecasting captures accurate costings and all likely workforce outlay.

Expert Sourcing Capability

Our consultants’ professional networks, and those of our staffing specialist partners, allow us to track and target the brightest individuals.

Cityscape of Munich at dusk Host City Bid Strategies

Look no further. We’ve seen time and time again that the seeds of community legacy need to be sown right at the start. Our bid consultants are brimming with ideas for people-led propositions that build towering talent and create genuine, lasting impact in host cities.


We firmly believe that the HR approach should be simple and straightforward, with no mystery and no jargon. If you need advice, we will undertake a fair and truthful appraisal of your business and present recommendations based on your goals, not ours.

Group of young people holding a world globe. Mixture of teenage boy and girl students looking at a map of the world and talking outdoors at sunset with lens flare About Us

WINC delivers trusted workforce solutions for major events and world-class venues, tailored HR consultancy and packaged solutions, and specialist consultancy for tenders and start-ups. We don’t rest on our laurels either and are constantly on the lookout for high-value partnerships.