Employer Brand potboilers


In 2016, I’ve decided to make it my mission to prove that crafting an effective employment brand is really not that hard to do. Recently, there’s been so much talk about the need to have an attractive and engaging Employer Brand that every Recruiter, Hiring Manager and HR professional feel the weight of business responsibility to define and reinforce this business critical subject, which was once relegated to the piles of ‘nice to haves’.

When broaching the subject of Employer Brand, the common cries from HR leaders and Operational Leaders alike go something along the lines of: “Branding is a Sales & Marketing function”, “HR people aren’t marketeers”, and “We already have a brand (referring to the company’s consumer brand).” However, these excuses just don’t fly. At least, not any more and let me explain why.

If you are at the beginning of the Employer Brand journey, forget everything you’ve been told. Let me give you the inside scoop, so you can start afresh. We’ll begin by debunking the four most common employment-branding potboilers.

Potboiler #1 – You need a defined strategy to launch your employment brand

Truth: Employer Brands aren’t created, they are revealed. Your company already have an Employer Brand – but it may not be one that serves you well. Just decide to start monitoring and crafting your Employer Brand so you can learn what is working in your favour and what is working against you. Once you’ve got a handle on that, you will be able to determine effective communication strategies to get the word out into your employee communities and candidate pools. This is one of those cases where all the planning in the world won’t benefit you as much as just making a start. Until you start sharing your story with employees and candidates, you won’t really know what resonates most authentically, and therefore most effectively.

Potboiler #2 – You need to be on every one of the countless social media tools

Truth: New and existing social media tools are in and out of fashion quicker than Kardashian sisters. As with a great many undertakings, you will get better results by doing a couple of platforms well, than you will by spreading your time and resources too thinly. i’d recommend starting with the most relevant channels, such as Glassdoor. Once you get savvier and build your content bank, branch out to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Fuelled by your newfound creative confidence, in time, you’ll be ready to experiment with some of the newer employment-branding social media platforms, such as Instagram or Snapchat.

Potboiler #3 – You are going to have to create loads of daily content

Truth: Even with the best intentions, the reality is nobody in HR has, or is ever likely to have time to create volumes of engaging content? However, it’s not about quantity; it’s about quality and consistency. Determine how much time you can realistically commit to your Employment Brand efforts, create a to-do list and start chipping away at it. It’s far better to post on the same day each week, than to post every day for a week, and then go to radio silence for the next month. The key is to set up a routine and stick with it.

Potboiler #4 – You need an employment branding “expert” to get it right

Truth: Although there are great employment-branding specialists available to do it for you, the reality is that nobody knows what it’s like to work at your company better than you and your fellow employees. Increasingly dubious about the hype adorning job ads, Candidates want to hear about a company’s culture from its staff. Employees want to gage true commitment to the company’s trumpeted value structure by assessing first hand that the talk is being walked. HR is perfectly positioned to uncover, define, craft and communicate a great Employer Brand – and besides that, the efforts are rewarding and you will be making a real difference to the organisational culture. Why let an “expert” have all the fun.

Once you make a start, if you think you could benefit from getting some support to really kick things up a notch, WNC consultants shine in employment arenas. We pride ourselves on being our clients’ most valuable partner in the attraction, retention and engagement of their current and future employees. We offer quality end-to-end strategies and solutions including creative, digital, research, planning and communications within the Employment Branding space – and are happy to jump in just where you need us most.

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