LogoWSOver 250 years of expertise gives this brand a distinct quality of product and a worldwide reputation hard to equal. Our brand developers are looking to revitalise international production, and invent new sleek and simple designs that will meet contemporary tastes at exclusive venues worldwide. WINC expertise will support and champion the highly anticipated 2017 international relaunch of Wood & Sons. 


logo1(1)WINC is committed to support selected charities, not-for-profit organisations and community events. An independently administered charity, the DkP Foundation, will be launched this year to enliven this commitment. Additionally, for major events and high-volume contracts, we will work with our clients to identify suitable local charities to support. 

click-and-go template packages

iStock_000055481444_Medium (1)Click-and-go template packages are designed to help you get important HR processes underway as quickly as possible.
Each package contains a number of professional templates such as agreements, checklists, surveys, forms, time sheets, how-to guides, reports and contracts. Our online commercial facility will be available shortly, please check back soon to purchase your package or contact us if you’d like to get started straight away.